Monday, September 2, 2013

Breeze Brewin's in Control

Are we all tired of talking about Kendrick’s “Control” verse yet? It’s a great verse, to be sure, but it’s no “Hit ‘Em Up,” to cite one classic diss from a rapper name-checked in the song. Unfortunately, among all of the lackluster responses (I’m looking at you, Papoose and Lupe Fiasco), one truly great response got lost in the muck. Breeze Brewin, of the legendary New York underground rap group Juggaknots, quietly released the most mature, intelligent and dope response recently.

Kendrick called out a lot of people by name and claimed that he was the king of New York, and a lot of people responded with anger, but Breeze Brewin’ remembers what happened the last time the coasts went to war. Fighting words on wax led to dead bodies, and hip-hop culture recoiled. Kendrick’s right that an element of competition has been lost in the mainstream since the days of “Hit ‘Em Up,” and if the response to his “Control” verse is any indication, some of that might be coming back in the near future. But Breeze knows he should tone it down a little. He knows that some people are too dumb, they don’t understand the culture enough, and they might take this verse the wrong way. He takes issue with Kendrick disrespecting the hip-hop Mecca, New York. And he knows we should “get mediation for media moist from the name droppin.’” The media tends to highlight the negative responses over the positive, fomenting clashes in the name of page views.

Most importantly, Breeze thinks Kendrick is better than all of this. He’s glad that Kendrick took the opportunity that this beat provided and tried to add some competition back into hip-hop culture, and for (unintentionally) shouting out the Juggaknots. He just doesn’t want people to take things too far. Kendrick did what he needed to do on “Control,” and now he needs to step up and control the situation. Words from a wise elder.

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