Sunday, June 30, 2013

CX KiDTRONiK - Black Punk Podcast

Kanye’s been getting all of the attention lately for incorporating industrial and acid house into his music, but lots of people have been doing similar things for years. Death Grips and Shabazz Palaces are the most prominent of this bunch, but CX KiDTRONiK is grinding in his own lane and not getting much attention for it. He just quietly released an installment of the Stones Throw podcast called Black Punk. CX describes it best: “It's some black punk rock, Pure Hell, HR & Holy Rollers of DC. Hardcore! Lots of Brooklyn MC's from my block in Crown Heights: Half-A-Mil (RIP), Banga Shine, Ruste Juxx. NOT FOR BITCH ASS EARHOLES. And with some comedy. There is a soft moment at the end with a song by Minister Louis Farrakhan. I tried to keep it as offensive as possible, so I hope y'all actually use it.” Patrice O’Neal, Death, Sean Price, the Beastie Boys, State of Alert, Bad Brains, M.O.P., and tons more slam against each other over the course of one of the most satisfying hours the ST Podcast has had in years. People have been sleeping on CX KiDTRONiK, and his new album Krak Attack 2: Ballad of Elli Skiff should be getting much more attention. Too many Stones Throw “fans” like to ignore anything that the label puts out anything that isn’t by Madlib or Dilla, but the ones who are willing to give Stones Throw the benefit of the doubt get to be treated to Homeboy Sandman, Duppy Gun, Jonwayne, Leaving Records, and of course CX. If you want to listen to a podcast that makes you want to flip cars and punch your grandma, then get Black Punk right here.

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